About Us

Team BrownBloom.com

We have 20 years of combined experience of running online store. Our first online store is PatangDori.com

We started this kite store to cater to kite lovers across India but then inquiry started coming from All over the world and our kite store became international.  

We developed expertise in shipping products as fragile s paper kites across many countries in the world. 

The same Team of PatangDori.com is taking care of brownBloom.com logistic needs. 


The same wood worker team is taking care of making beautiful wooden articles for BrownBloom.com

Why BrownBloom.com ??

Our Business of kites and Thread is getting lower and lower day by day thanks to diminishing culture of kite Flying across the world.

Our customers started demanding more from us for various events .

We started supplying things other than kite and Threads.

We supply decoration for Home and Events ,weddings and festivals to our customers. We also have great hand made stationary product.

So we thought why not do it officially and let us serve more customers who needs quality products from India as we have strong on ground team in INDIA

BrownBloom.com vision

Our vision is to support customers across the world to get quality product from INDIA .

We will always deliver quality and efficiency so that our customer gets maximum value for money.

If you have any suggestions for us please feel free to write us at theahmedabad@gmail.com